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01-24-2018 12:27 AM
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Hi ,

We are develope tools using text annotation in 2.1 new sdk. We have a symbol showing the width of the drawn vehicle rout ,how can we create this symbol with text annotation in the format shown below (picture) ? Ican create only 12 with text annotation but I can not create the others.

Text Annotation


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Hello, If I'm understanding correctly all you need to get the text you want within your circular point symbol callout is tags. The text string would be `12<SUP> <UND>00</UND></SUP>`. I hope that answers your question. 


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2.1 was the first release of annotation and we are working on enhancing the API for 2.2, 2.3, etc.

Currently, to make a annotation symbol similar to the above requires:

  • An edit operation (currently you have to use the edit operation callback for 2.1) to handle the transation
  • Modifying the CIMTextGraphic of the annotation feature to "be" the text symbol you need (a point callout in your case above)
  • Modify the text string (using the text expression tags Ciara mentions above that can be referenced here: http://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/help/mapping/text/text-formatting-tags.htm

The CIM is where it can get tricky - especially for a complex symbol as you have above. This is a complete example that will change whichever annotation feature you have selected to be a circle with the text "12 00"

internal class ChangeSymbol : Button
    protected async override void OnClick()
      var annoLayer = MapView.Active.Map.GetLayersAsFlattenedList().OfType<AnnotationLayer>().FirstOrDefault();
      if (annoLayer == null)

      await QueuedTask.Run(() => {

        var select = annoLayer.GetSelection();
        if (select.GetObjectIDs().Count() > 0)
          var oid = select.GetObjectIDs().First();
          QueryFilter qf = new QueryFilter()
            WhereClause = $"OBJECTID = {oid}"
          var rowCursor = annoLayer.GetTable().Search(qf, false);
          var annoFeature = rowCursor.Current as ArcGIS.Core.Data.Mapping.AnnotationFeature;
          var graphic = annoFeature.GetGraphic();
          var textGraphic = graphic as CIMTextGraphic;

          var op = new EditOperation();
          op.Name = "Change Anno";
          op.Callback((context) => {
            //make the callout for the circle
            var callOut = new CIMPointSymbolCallout();
            callOut.PointSymbol = new CIMPointSymbol();
            //Circle outline
            var circle_outline = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructMarker(40, "ESRI Default Marker") as CIMCharacterMarker;
            circle_outline.Size = 30;
            //eliminate the outline
            foreach (var layer in circle_outline.Symbol.SymbolLayers)
              if (layer is CIMSolidStroke) {
                ((CIMSolidStroke) layer).Width = 0;

            //Circle fill
            var circle_fill = SymbolFactory.Instance.ConstructMarker(172, "ESRI Default Marker") as CIMCharacterMarker;
            circle_fill.Size = 30;
            //eliminate the outline, make sure the fill is white
            foreach (var layer in circle_fill.Symbol.SymbolLayers) {
              if (layer is CIMSolidFill) {
                ((CIMSolidFill)layer).Color = ColorFactory.Instance.WhiteRGB;
              else if (layer is CIMSolidStroke)
                ((CIMSolidStroke)layer).Width = 0;

            var calloutLayers = new List<CIMSymbolLayer>();
            //set the layers on the callout
            callOut.PointSymbol.SymbolLayers = calloutLayers.ToArray();

            //set the callout on the text symbol
            var textSym = textGraphic.Symbol.Symbol as CIMTextSymbol;
            textSym.Callout = callOut;
            textSym.Height = 8;//adjust as needed

            //now set the text
            textGraphic.Text = "12 <SUP><UND>00</UND></SUP>";
          }, annoLayer.GetTable());