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Where is Pro getting the "Computer" contents from in browsing windows

07-01-2022 01:21 AM
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When adding data or a folder connection to ArcGIS Pro the browsing window that opens has a bunch of headings in the left-hand pane (Project, Portal, Computer). I was just wondering how it decided what was displayed in the "Computer" heading, because it doesn't follow how I have my windows 10 view set up for "This PC".

The reason I ask is, that if you have MS One Drive set up then you quite often have clones of My Documents folders, and the username that appears in the Computer heading points at the windows defaults, rather than the One Drive instances...which can be confusing. It would be nice to be able to customize this list, or make it reflect your windows explorer view




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I agree - I have a very random selection of folders showing up under "Computer" that I don't need or want there. Seems to be pulling from my desktop for some reason.