When is support for Geometric Networks coming in ArcGIS Pro?

03-19-2015 09:37 AM
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Most of my content is in the Local Government Model as Geometric Networks so until this feature is added my use of Pro will have to be minimal.

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The new framework looks interesting.  I am wondering though what we should do if we are currently using the Municipal Data Model?  Would it be feasible to disable the networks topologies in the data model until such time as the new framework is available for use?  This is one thing that is holding us back from using ArcGIS Pro as a primary editing tool to get our as-built data into GIS.


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Let me guess. No editing of geometric networks in Pro because ESRI wants to write another half-baked, user-tested extension and charge $2500/year for it? Am I close?

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You're right on the money only it's worse.  You have  to have ArcGIS Enterprise to run the Utility Network and the Utility Network itself is another paid extension on top of that.

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