Subtype window scroll bug

09-01-2019 07:45 PM
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I've found a minor irritation in the subtypes window.  If you have a few subtypes and have to scroll to the right, the tables goes out of alignment.  Suddenly the domains you wanted to ensure were consistently applied are now not in the row where you started.  

You can pull the tab out and the issue goes away.  Re-dock it, it returns.  It doesn't cause a crash.  It's just a minor annoyance.  

What's most odd is how the alignment corrects itself after 2 incorrect subtypes.  

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Esri Community Moderator

Sounds like this BUG-000124851: When scrolling in the Subtypes view for a feature cl.. 

You could go there and click the Subscribe button which will link you to notifications and also increment the count which helps to prioritize issues.


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Yes, I see the same issue.  I have gone to the link above....thanks!

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