Spatial Adjustment Rubbersheet method

01-12-2021 06:46 AM
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Im Joás from Argentina,  Actually Im working with Spatial Adjustment in ArcGis and I'm trying to understand what happens with points outside of triangulate calculation (TIN) with rubber sheet method (Linear). 

What I am trying to do is that I have a line of which I only want to adjust the beginning of the plot. When I apply manual calculation with the TINs (as the page says) I can correctly calculate the DX and DY differences of the points, but the vertices of the line that are outside the TIN also move in the adjustment when I use the Spatial Adjusment Toolbar (rubbersheet, linear method). How can I control which is that distance of movement of the vertices that are outside the TIN. I am very attentive to your response. Thank you very much for your help.





Do you have any idea how this tool works with these points. Now I controlled internal points in the TIN calculation, but External is a big problem to me. 

If you can help me i will be so grateful.






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