Saving a copy of an ArcGIS Pro project and link to a copy of the default geodatabase

11-13-2020 12:26 PM
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We have a workflow where a user needs to open an ArcGIS Pro project containing a custom task and save that project somewhere else on the network as a different file name.  We need the default geodatabase to be saved in this new location as well and have the new project link to that new default geodatabase.  Basically the original project is a template that the user needs to be able to manipulate for a specific property.  I believe there used to be a "Save as copy" function, but I don't think it is available anymore.

 Can anyone suggest a workaround to do this?

Using Save As just creates a new aprx file that uses the original default geodatabase.  I could copy the whole project folder in Windows explorer, but then the user has to go into the project and manually update the sources of all of the feature classes.  The users doing this will not be able to do that.


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Have you looked at 

Package Project (Data Management) 

... sort of retired...
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Yes, and the default geodatabase of the package file still links to the original default geodatabase.


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Save as 'Project Template' would work. You can then create a new project based off the original and it will duplicate the data as well.

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