Sample (Spatial Analyst Tools) - Error 010555

11-09-2021 07:42 AM
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Hello all,

I have an issue when running the Sample tool (Spatial Analyst Tools). 

I have added below the contents of the error message so you can have a look.

The very strange thing is that the tool runs and does not run into any issue if I tick the "Generate Feature Class" box. I would like to understand what is happening and why do I get an error if I want to get it directly as an output table.

Any help will be much appreciated,



Input rasters Dist_Coast
Input location raster or features pa_raster_pro
Output table or feature class C:\Users\cynth\Desktop\SDM_2021\SDM_data\Model_data\test
Resampling technique NEAREST
Unique ID field VALUE
Process as multidimensional CURRENT_SLICE
Acquisition information of location data
Statistics type
Percentile value
Buffer distance field or value
Column-wise layout ROW_WISE
Generate feature class TABLE

Start Time: 09 November 2021 15:22:26
ERROR 010555: Internal error in Sample: %s.
Failed to execute (Sample).
Failed at 09 November 2021 15:22:26 (Elapsed Time: 0.27 seconds)

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your output seems to be to a folder, so try test.dbf if you want a dbase table, or specify the output to a geodatabase to see what happens. 

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Had the same issue and just figured out the reason: it is related to the attribute table of the target shapefile.

This could be:

1. The shapefile attribute table might contain values that conflict with the code behind the sampling tools.

2. The attribute table is too big, causing memory issues.

To solve this issue, a possible way is to create a copied shapefile with fewer attribute table columns before sampling. Then join back the result to the original shapefile.

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A file geodatabase table and its associated table would surmount the issues you have identified.

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