Rotating Polygon Labels in ArcGIS Pro

03-21-2022 04:24 PM
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Is it possible to rotate polygon labels in ArcGIS Pro?



I am trying to recreate this style of label but have not found any settings that allow that. I expected it to be in the symbol and then rotation angle but that is grayed out





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label points might be easier, but you can get some effect depending on your polygons shape


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As Dan said rotating in position is probably the easiest solution. However if you want more direct control over each label, converting labels to annotations allows you to manipulate each label individually. However if you need you are planning to update you data consistently this will create more work as your annotations will not be directly linked to your layer and will have to be updated separately.



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Is there any change to this?  I am also looking to add polygon labels and position them at a 45 degree angle.

All the other labelling properties are really useful in scaling the labels etc. etc. but the label needs to be at 45 degree angle from horizontal (not related to the boundary of the polygon just 45 degrees from horizontal axis) , it is possible to do for points but not for polygons?  I don't want to convert to annotations because I want to keep the scaling capabilities.


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