Quality of basemap Imagery (clarity) differs when viewed in ArcMap 10.7.1 vs. ArcPro 2.4.1 Why?

12-27-2019 06:14 AM
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Recently started to compare features of ArcMap with ArcPro Desktop versions. Our focus is on tax map polygon editing but not in a Parcel Fabric.  We are beginning to use ESRI basemaps instead of state orthoimagery tiles to do parcel polygon editing.  We need high quality basemap imagery at scales of 1:2000 or better to do the editing. 

I recently compared a map location in ArcMap MXD view versus an ArcPro Project map view (on desktop--not online version).  The quality of the ArcPro imagery was quite disappointing compared to ArcMap.  We are wondering why this appears to be the case? 

Specifically, using the ESRI World Imagery (Clarity) at 1:2000 scale there was a slightly worse image with ArcPro. When zooming into 1:1000 scale, the ArcPro imagery stayed with same imagery source and was terrible. The ArcMap imagery at that scale changed to a different imagery product and was very clear. 

What's up with ArcPro (we have a Standard license)?   

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I just took a look and see a similar difference between ArcGIS Pro and ArcMap.

For the area that I looked at  (san pedro) at the highest LOD, the scale range has a difference of 50.  ArcMap displays the LOD out to a scale of 846, ArcGIS Pro displays it out to 796.

I forwarded your question to the team.

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I was going to create a post for this question but glad found yours.

Can't believe that I'm commenting on this issue in 2022. 

when will Esri solve this?.

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I would contact Esri support and work with them on this issue.

--- George T.
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