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Locator - Allow street level matching

04-27-2023 01:31 AM
New Contributor III

The Australian Geocoded National Address File (GNAF) provides address locations, but also Street level coordinates (i.e. a centre point for each street/suburb combination).

I can build an address Locator in ArcGIS Pro fine, however I'm wondering how I can allow the option to match at street level?

For example, I'm searching for '30 Main Rd Maintown'. It can't find that specific address number, how can I allow it to then 'ignore' the address number and match with the street?

This is assuming I've been provided with a single line input, i.e. it's not easy to just 'drop' the street number from the search string.

I'd like the following to match to street level:

  • 30 Main Rd Maintown    (where there is no 30)
  • 0 Main Rd Maintown
  • Main Rd Maintown
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New Contributor III

I ended up writing some code to convert the street centre points to tiny polylines, then I used this dataset to create a 'StreetAddress' role Locator. This allows matching to street level, also I created huge house number ranges for each record so that any address number (including 0) will match. Achieves what I was trying to do, not sure if there was an easier way.

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