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10-25-2017 12:07 PM
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Hello Everyone

I was using ArcPro and the Local Government Scenes toolbox this morning and everything was working great! After lunch, I deleted the project I was testing with to create a brand new one.

I am having a problem now when I try to run the first series of tasks in the BasicLocalGovtScene. When I try to add my inputs to create a LAS dataset I get an error that the cache file location is missing. The error looks like its still pointing to the old project folder that I have deleted.

How can i update these cache settings? In my new project I have created a new cache folder but I dont know how to point to it.

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Could you share the actual error (cache file location is missing)? This is a core GP tool that is being called from a task so it would be interesting to see the actual error.

Regards Gert


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Absolutely Gert! I have attached a copy of the error to this message. Please see below.

At the time I was getting this error, the file-path in the error did not exist. I had deleted the "LocalGovernment3DBasemapsLG" file altogether from my ArcGIS/Projects folder and setup a completely new project, with new naming conventions.


I dont really have an explanation at this time but I seem to have been able to move past my issue.
One thing I did was go into Project-Options and remove and re-add the Location, Homefolder, Default GDB & default tbx FilePaths, pointing to my new Project Folder. 
I am very glad that you responded to my post. I was successful in creating LOD1 Buildings and the other tasks in the Basic Local Government Scene but am running into issue while trying to run the extract roof tool in the Schematic Local Govt Scene. I not actually getting an error; the tools runs but the results aren't right; everything comes out with flat roofs. I am not sure if it is an issue with the values I am inputting into the model or if the LiDAR doesn't have enough point density for the task to run. 
I saw you offer to look at people's project data and I was hoping you would be willing to look at mine to see if what I want to do is even possible? I will reach out to you on your work email. 
Once again, thanks for responding. 
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