Line patch on legend doesn't match symbology

03-22-2020 10:47 PM
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I am having trouble getting the legend patch for a line to match the actual symbology on the map. The line I am trying to display is made up of a line, with a marker that has a vertical offset off the line so that the edge of the marker is flush with the line. The offset does not display in the legend, and instead is in the middle of the line.

I've attached an image showing how the lines display on the map (as intended, with the long edge of the triangle flush with the line), versus how they appear in the legend (with the triangle in the middle of the line).

How do I get the swatch in the legend to match the symbology displayed on the map?


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Hi Barry, 

You might be running into BUG-000127545: Offset X and Offset Y of line features are not honored by legend patches in ArcGIS Pro


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