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Is there anyway to show pop up as default?

08-07-2023 01:00 AM
New Contributor II

On Arcgis online's mobile web page, I want to show pop-up's contents as default when I click a polygon.

As in the first image, when I click a polygon, only pop-up's title is shown. I need to click ^ button in order to show the contents. 


I want to them to be shown when I click a polygon as in the second image.


The problem occurs on Arcgis Online's mobile webpage, but I assume I need to set something on Arcgis Pro as I edited the map on Arcgis Pro. 

Please help me solving this issue.

Thank you.

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Esri Contributor

Hi @globalnewsmap 

I believe that this is a by-design feature that you are encountering and thereby expected behaviour and there are no settings that you need to configure to change this. I would recommend posting this idea to Esri Ideas. 

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