Is there anyway to Import Vector Tile Layer style to ArcGIS Pro

03-15-2021 05:50 AM
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I had created a base map in ArcGIS Pro and published as Vector Tile layer and using the vector tile layer I can edit the published base map symbols to create an alternative visualization for the same base map in easy and fast way.

My Question: Is there anyway to import the edited VTL style to ArcGIS pro and apply it to the same base map which was originally used for publishing the VTL so it can look the same in ArcGIS Pro, So I can use it later for publishing either as VTL or Tiles map service.



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I don't think ArcGIS Pro allows you to edit the symbology of vector tiles yet,  I know you can do this in ArcGIS Online, however I recommend creating the symbology in Pro before you create vector tiles.

Perhaps pro will allow us to edit the vector tile symbology in the future?







, which I think is possible.   think that it possible, but at this time ArcGIS Pro cannot itself edit the style of any vector tiles.





Unless I am mistaken ArcGIS Pro will allow you to load Vector tiles with the vector tiles default style and labels.  However it appears that you cannot edit that style in ArcGIS Pro at this time.  Therefore the


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Hi MarkVolz,

Thanks for your reply.

Please note that my requirements is not to edit the VTL style in ArcGIS Pro but to use it to style the map document in Pro (The map which I had created earlier to publish this VTL), then I can work with normal pro tools if I want to continue editing the map symbology.

The idea is that working with VTL web style editor is more easier and faster to modify the symbols specially with bulk layer group or color replacement and I want to import my modifications back to the original Map document in Pro.

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