Image classification: Segment Picker

07-01-2020 05:48 AM
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I'm currently working on a project that requires image classification. Now, while I have been dealing with classification approaches already for a while (using ArcMap), I now fought my way through the slightly different looking classification wizard and tools of ArcGIS pro. What puzzles me is, why I cannot use the segment picker when trying to generate training samples of my segmented image!? I do have imported my classification scheme and can select samples with e.g. polygon drawing, but despite the segment picker being activated, the respective, segmented image checked, the desired class marked, it will not select segments when I click on it. Even on the mouse pointer appears the symbol of picking segments but that't it. And it gives me the message "select a class to start drawing shapes". Did anyone else have this problem??


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I don't know if this will help, but I am using the Segment Picker and have found that it takes awhile for the segment I have picked to actually be selected. It's several seconds and not as instantaneous as I thought it would be. 

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