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01-14-2023 04:14 PM
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In our ArcMap environment, we currently have hyperlinks to approved site plans, etc., to our Laserfiche server. I did not set that up but I would like to create it in ArcGIS Pro environment in which I could use the hyperlink tool and click on the zoning district, and Laserfiche open up the approved site plan.

I can switch to the ArcMap environment, but I would really like to set it up in the Pro environment since I am trying to move all of my tasks to Pro. Has anyone been able to set up a hyperlink in Pro to Laserfiche?

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@tvmangum I was part of a project that including linking documents in Laserfiche to ArcGIS Pro. 

Few resources to get you started:

Hyperlinks in pop-ups

How To: Add multiple hyperlinks to a feature in ArcGIS Pro

Ayan Palit | Principal Consultant Esri
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