How to convert a scaled point symbol into a polygon feature?

04-08-2022 06:20 AM
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I have created tree shadows for tree points that scale in real world unit sizes according to the height of the tree:


So if the tree height is increased in the attributes, the shadow size increases to match. The shadow is an SVG symbol assigned to a point feature class.

I would like to export this to CAD, so will need to convert these symbols to features so that they draw in CAD.

I had planned to use "Features to Graphics" and then reverse this using "Graphics to Features", thinking that the first step would create polygon graphics and I could then capture these as polygon feature classes in the second step. But the graphic is simply a point symbol again.

Is there a way to capture the exact shape of the point symbols as polygon features?

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Not sure if it will work or not.  But, have you tried publishing it as a web layer from Pro, then load the hosted feature layer back into pro?

Some times, depending on the symbology, they automatically get converted to picture elements when published to AGOL.  You might then be able to get them out of Pro that way.

Just a thought.  I don't have capability to test at moment.


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