How to add shooting date information to mosaic dataset attribute table

09-08-2021 02:21 AM
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Hi, I have 800 rasters (JPG format) that were created from a drone. In the properties of the raster, I have information about the camera, model ... and the date of shooting. I want this information (including the date) to be contained in the mosaic dataset attribute table


I tried two options: creating a mosaic and creating an Orho Mapping workspace in ArcGIS Pro. Mosaic attributes do not contain data fields. But when I use the second option, the Camera Location layer appears, which contains this information (DateToken) of the attribute table. But I need this information to be in the attributes of the mosaic. It is not suitable for me to manually create a Date field and fill it in.


Please tell me if this is possible and how I can solve this problem. Thanks)

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