GDA2020 Mainland and Offshore datasets

04-03-2022 09:09 PM
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@GordonSumerling The ESRI blog GDA2020 & WGS84 (Web GIS) has a list of Transformations to GDA2020.

Just a quick question on these transformations.
If I have a dataset that contains features  in mainland Australia, as well as some features in Christmas and Cocos Islands, do any of the transformations in ArcPro apply the conformal and distortion to the mainland features in the dataset as well as the conformal for just the features in Christmas and Cocos Is?


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These are two seperate transformation sets. The recommendation here is to separate the data into two unique featue classes. Transform them and then bring them back together. Unfortunately the Australian, Cocos Islands and Christmas Islands are on Separate Ntv2 grid files.

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This is really  helpful. Thank you.
Would this also be relevant for on the fly transformations within ArcPro and publishing map services with GDA 2020 transformations? That is, separating
the data out into separate map services, and configuring the publishing for each map service with the correct transformation?

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