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02-03-2022 04:52 PM
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I want to copy the edited raster layer and make it an independent raster layer.If I did Add to Current Map in Database, I want the color value of the edited raster layer.

Currently, when I do Export Raster and then Add to Current Map, ArcPro loads the color value of the original Raster layer.

The reason why I want to do this is to create a Map Tile Package (tpk).

I want the color value of the edited raster layer when I made Tpk.




Thank you!


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I find that if I just copy and paste a raster from the table of contents in one Pro instance to another opened Pro instance, all my symbology comes with it (this is not adding data, just copying and pasting). Perhaps a more solid way of doing this is by making a layer package from the raster and sharing it that way:



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Thank you for your answer.
Even if I do layer package, if I change it to tpk, it goes back to the original color.~~

Is there any way?

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