Define *.stylx File as Default-Style for each project

04-10-2018 03:08 AM
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Back in ArcMap 10.x the Style Manager could be used to connect to a corporate style file (*.style). By applying the Style Manager button "Set as Default List", the style was available each time a new MXD was opened. By applying the aforementioned button, the registry-entry "Computer\HKEY_USERS\S-1-5-21-2079806146-1600217229-939750613-449548\SOFTWARE\ESRI\Desktop10.5\ArcMap\SymbolSelector\Styles"  got populated with the path to the *.style file.

In ArcGIS Pro 2.0.1, Style Manager is no longer available. However, we would like to configure ArcGIS Pro in a way that our corporate style file (*.stylx) is automatically loaded from a shared drive each time a new ArcGIS Pro project is opened.

How can ArcGIS Pro be configured that a corporate Style-file gets automatically loaded from a shared drive, when a new project is opened?

Does maybe a specific registry entry exist that can be used to set the a path to a *.stylx file?

Thank you.


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Would it work in your situation to add the .stylx to the shared directory, create a project and add that style from the network share, and then create a corporate project template?  When users create new projects, create them from the template.

Project templates—ArcGIS Pro | ArcGIS Desktop 

by Anonymous User
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Well, this approach definitely works from a theoretical point of view. From a practical point of view it is not feasible:

- The *.aptx file (within which only the corporate *.stylx file is linked - no further data) gets extremely large (>500MB). The *.stylx-file itself is only around 1MB.
- Opening the mentioned aptx file takes far too long (several minutes). It doesn't matter whether it is stored on a corporate network share or on ArcGIS online.

Is there no workaround similar to ArcMap 10.x where the path to a style-file could be configured through the registry?  (in a way that the corporate styles are available each time a new ArcGIS Pro instance is opened - without explicitely opening a project template)?

Thank you. 

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