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Creating a Many-to-Many Model for Symbology “use "apply symbology to layer "”tool in ArcPro 3.2.1"

04-25-2024 03:12 AM
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Hi All,

I would greatly appreciate your assistance with this matter.

As we are aware, the “Apply Symbology from Layer” tool is typically used to apply symbology from a specified layer or layer file to multiple layers. This implies a many-to-one relationship between the input layers and the symbology layer.

However, in my situation, I am interested in creating a model that accommodates many-to-many relationships between the input layers and the symbology layers.

To simplify, suppose I have two maps, each containing approximately 40 different feature classes (points, polygons, lines) sourced from two geodatabases. Is it feasible to develop a model that facilitates matching symbol properties from layers in Map A to corresponding layers in Map B, similar to the screenshots provided?

I would like to emphasize that both geodatabases feature classes are having  identical names for their respective feature classes.

Thank you for your attention to this matter.





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