Certain SDE feature classes are symbolized the same every time I add them to the map. How can I edit this?

02-23-2022 01:22 PM
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Around a two years ago, I made the permanent transition from ArcMap to ArcGIS Pro. All of the data is stored in the same SDE. I noticed that after the transition, when I brought the parcel polygon layer into the map, it came pre-symbolized the same way I had it set up in ArcMap. Hollow fill with bright yellow outline. This happens regardless of the pro project that I bring it in to. I can open a new project and bring parcels in and they are symbolized with a hollow fill and bright yellow outline. It comes in the same everywhere, whereas it used to come in filled with a random color and a solid black outline. You could bring in three copies of it and each copy would by a different color. Now, if I bring in three copies of it, all three will be symbolized the same way. In fact it even pulls in a labeling expression. I actually love this and want to figure out how to replicate it (without having to deal with layer files) because it would be a good way to create and maintain a good cartographic standard. Any ideas on how to change this?

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Hello Matthew,

I think what you are referring to is the feature template in the database?

I hope this helps:  https://pro.arcgis.com/en/pro-app/2.8/help/editing/create-a-feature-template.htm 

Amanda Bishop, GISP
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