Can I add geometry to an existing point feature class from a common attribute with a polygon feature class?

03-21-2019 09:46 AM
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I have a point feature class that will have information populated by users, specifically the building the asset is located in. I also have a polygon feature class that has a 'Building_Names' field.

Can I add point geometry to the existing point feature class based on the common attribute with the existing polygon feature class? What if I convert the Polygon feature class to Points first?


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If I understand the question correctly, the point feature class has attribute data you'd like to have to the buildings in the polygon feature class.  If this is true, then a Spatial Join should work to complete this workflow.

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I didn't word that very well. The end result will be a point feature class with building names and asset attributes. The 'assets' point feature class has no geometry yet, just attributes for assets including the building name the asset is located in. The polygon feature class contains the building geometries and building names.

I'd like to add point geometry to the asset point feature class based on the locations of buildings according to the 'building_name' field.

As of now, I used 'feature to point' to create the building location point feature class and completed a join of the assets table to these points. My only reservation with this is if a building is added, deleted, or updated in the polygon feature class it won't translate to the point feature class.

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Join Field—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop  and

Add Join—Data Management toolbox | ArcGIS Desktop 

Can be used for 'combining' attributes based on a common field.  For instance, building names.

Otherwise spatial joins

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