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Attribute Rule to mirror one attribute to another, but allow editing

03-04-2024 01:03 PM
New Contributor

Hello, I'm trying to create an attribute rule using Arcade in ArcGIS Pro that has the user type data into the Segment Range fields (4 fields). These inputs should automatically update the Block Range fields with those same values, and also any time the Segment Range fields are edited.

Also, the user should be able to edit the Block Range fields without it affecting the Segment Range fields.

ex: User inputs '100' into the Segment Range-Left From field , and it should automatically calculate '100' in the Block Range-Left From field. But if the user needs to change the Block Range field to, let's say, '200', they should be able to so while still keeping the Segment Range value equal to '100'.



Any help is appreciated. Thanks!

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