ArcGIS Pro 2.9: How to Export file geodatabase feature classes to SQL Server 2016 database

04-12-2022 05:37 AM
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I'm trying to export multiple file geodatabase feature classes to my SQL Server database connection (SDE) but nothing works.  I get a flag:


000210: Cannot create output

I do have admin permission to the sde database; so I'm thinking there's something else going on.


I'm trying to export the feature class with Shape As Geometry.

How do I do this?

Appreciate any help.

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How exactly are you executing the export? Can you create a new feature class in the enterprise geodatabase from ArcGIS Pro?

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I created a database in SQL Server.  Then, from ArcGIS Pro, I tried using Feature Class to Feature Class, Copy Features, Feature Class to Geodatabase, they all gave the same error.

I tried specifying "GEOMETRY" as CONFIG keyword, still the same error.

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