ArcGIS Pro 2.8 Crashes when trying to re-order layers in Contents or drag layers from Catalog?

06-04-2021 12:20 PM
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Hello, I upgraded ArcGIS Pro to version 2.8 because there were a couple of things I thought weren't working correctly or were not working in the older version. I seem to have the same issues with 2.8. When I try to reorder anything in the Contents pane in List by Drawing Order view it crashes. It also crashes when I try to drag a layer into the map from the Catalog and I always need to use the Add Data button. Do these things just work differently than they did in ArcMap, or is this a bug either in ArcGIS Pro or in my installation of it?

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First, make sure it happens with all projects, including a new one.

If it does....

Windows Add/Remove Programs, select Remove, then Repair

It might fix any issues with the install.

Barring that, a complete removal, and reinstall may be in order

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Usually, this type of issues are very rigid, and a repair might not be enough.

Adding the steps for a clean uninstall of ArcGIS Pro as suggested by Dan. In case you have a Single-Use license of ArcGIS Pro, please ensure to deauthorize the license before uninstalling ArcGIS Pro.

Also ensure the latest graphics card drivers are updated.

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