Validate Features tool/button/menu for stand-alone tables with domain

10-17-2011 07:46 PM
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I noticed that the Validate Features menu under the Editing dropdown does not work with stand-alone tables that have domains (coded-value and range). This makes it impossible to look for invalid values encoded into the table prior to the domain being applied. This works fine for feature classes but sadly the Validate Features menu is disabled if I try to do it for stand alone-tables in my geodatabase(s).
In my opinion if you can validate features you should also be able to validate tables. In my example, ArcPad would not allow me to checkout data because of invalid entries in a related table. The only problem is I did not know which values were invalid. It would be nice to know if a column which has a domain associated to it houses invalid values, or values that do not exist in the domain. I would think this would be possible. This is definetely a needed feature in my opinion.
If ArcMap is going to stop me from exporting related tables for ArcPad usage due to invalid data within the related table then there definitely needs to be a way to validate tables!
I totally agree. In addition, when data are entered into standalone tables, the domain restrictions seem not work. For example, I have a range domain. 0 - 100, set on a field but in an edit session, a user can still enter minus values. This is just odd.
Is very important to extend the "validate" even the tables!
Otherwise the use of domains "range" on the tables loses all its meaning.
Provide as soon as possible!
Best regards
Still not working at 10.1... :-(
I want to bump this idea up. This idea requested way back in 2011 is still not available in ArcGIS 10.2.2!  Whats the point of enforcing integrity by use of domains if you cannot check for invalid entries?  Unless there is some underlying database issue unknown to us I would like to see this tool extended to deal with stand alone tables or at least a new button that does the checking?
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Validate is available for stand-alone tables in ArcGIS Pro.  For a selected set of rows, right click on the layer name node in the Attribute Pane and choose 'Select Only Invalid Objects'.  Only rows that do not pass validation will remain selected.