User should be able to set ArcCatalog default line width for Preview.

06-30-2010 07:56 AM
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The user should be able to set the default line width for for lines and polygons in the ArcCatalog Preview window.

I work for a state agency and most of my map layers are statewide.  Many of the features in the layers I create are small compared to the whole state.  The default line width for lines and polygons in ArcCatalog is very narrow, maybe one pixel.  Thus, when viewing the whole state, the polygons and lines are reduced to a very small size, often only a single pixel, which is very difficult even to see.  So, I'm looking at a map with a bunch of tiny dots and it's hard to get the big picture or to even know where to zoom in to see the features that are there.  If we could set the line to a larger width, then at least they would appear as larger dots when zoomed out and we'd know where to zoom-in to see the details.

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Please note: I'm not asking for you to make ArcCatalog into a cartography program like ArcMap or Pro.  I'm only asking for the ability to make small polygons appear as more than just a single pixel in the ArcCatalog preview.