Topology Node Editing

06-14-2011 07:56 AM
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Pre-10 versions of Desktop allowed users to move a node along with its shared edges manually with a mouse.  Similar to moving a vertex, with the topology edit tool--pre-10--you can move the shared features along with it.  At 10, you can still move a shared vertex, but if the line is split or shared by more than 2 line segments there is no vertex only a node.

Currently the only option to accomplish something like this is to know the coordinates of where you want to move the node to....WHAT????  That is really unacceptable. 

Please help me and our fellow editors get this functionality put back at 10.1!

Tech support said that there is an enhancement request in for this, but the status is still unknown.  I'll post back with any updates I get.


Okay, so it's strange but this may be a bug.  ESRI originally closed my tech support issue with the possibility of an enhancement that was already in the system.

However, a few days later I tried it on another machine and it I called Tech support back to let them know and they are working on it.

...stay tuned.
Status changed to: Closed

I don't believe this is any longer applicable.  If further issues are found with topology node editing, please contact technical support.

Thank you!