Toggle between next or previous view or pane

07-20-2021 05:50 AM
Status: Open
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Currently you can use Ctrl+Tab to choose a view or pane to activate from a list. It would also be good to have the option to quickly activate the view or pane that's to the immediate left or right of the currently active view or pane in the graphical user interface. "Forward" movement would flow from left to right, top rows to bottom rows (if there are multiple rows); "backward" movement would flow from right to left, bottom rows to top rows.




So something like 'Alt' that enables KeyTips, but enable KeyTips specifically for Views and Panes (the same that show up in the active pane/view window when holding Ctrl+Tab)?


It looks like Ctrl+F6 will move you forward through the active views, but no option to move in the reverse order: 


Yes it would be good to be able to move forward and backward


A toggle like this would help:


(From Firefox preferences - unchecked = cycling in order of position and you can use Shift+Ctrl+Tab to navigate back. I use this keyboard shortcut almost exclusively, it's so much quicker than the mouse and it would be great to have it in Pro where the tabs are already quite small and fewer of them are able to fit on the screen at a time given the pane situation.

Most browsers also let you use Ctrl+(0-9) to switch tabs based on their position, as does the Windows taskbar (Win+0-9)