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Table relinking to honour existing fields

05-13-2022 05:33 PM
Status: Closed
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It would be great if a relinked table frame in a layout could honour the field/format/style values previously defined. For instance, I have tables in one GDB that match the schemas of a similar GDB, which has data linked to a separate map. I would like to either duplicate the original table frames and relink to the new data in a separate layout, or to duplicate the layout, change the underlying map, and then update the table frame sources.

Neither option currently works. The table frame provides a default list of fields for the newly linked feature class. 

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I think what you need is already available. You should be able to do that by saving the default table frame field before repathing the table frame's data. To do that select a table frame field with the styling you want in the Contents Pane, right-click it and choose Set as Default. This means that any additional fields added (or new fields shown when the data repaths) will use that formatting. When you change the table frame the application checks to see if any of the fields in the new data are the same as the old fields displayed and shows those. Another option would be to use the table frame and table field styles introduced in ArcGIS Pro 2.9. Do either of these work for your scenario? If not, please provide more details so we can further understand this idea.



Status changed to: Closed