Support Folders inside of User's 'My Toolboxes' directory

09-23-2013 08:58 AM
Status: Open
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Because Python Toolboxes can have multiple tools, all contained within the .pyt file, and each tool can have it's own documentation xml contained within the tool's xml file, it would be a nice improvement to see the My Toolboxes category in ArcToolbox support organizing those tools within Folders.

I have 2 Python Toolboxes, both loaded into the My Toolboxes directory on my system so that they will be visible in the My Toolboxes section in ArcCatalog.  As you can see, the Location Analytics toolbox is hosted at the root of the My Toolboxes directory, while the 'GO' toolbox is hosted within a subfolder.

However, because the GO toolbox is hosted within a subfolder, the My Toolboxes category in ArcToolbox does not recognize that it is present and as a result does not populate the 'GO' toolbox in ArcToolbox.

I would like to be able to organize custom tools into folders in the My Toolbox directory, because all of my tools have accompanying documentation and many of my toolboxes contain multiple tools, resulting in a kind of jumble of files  in the My Toolbox directory which could be better organized through the implementation of folders, instead of ending up with this:

Alternatively, support for Shortcut links would also suffice as I could organize and store the tools elsewhere, and just place shortcut links in the My Toolbox directory which link back to the actual files so they can be organized into a folder.