Store printer settings with each layout

11-22-2021 11:08 AM
Status: Open
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Would like to have the capability to store printer settings with each layout.  For example, I have an 11x17 layout print to GIS_LJM750 (color 11x17 printer) landscape, switch to a 24x36 layout and save print settings to the GIS_PWXL4500 in landscape.  Switch back to Layout 11x17 and auto-restore my 11x17 print settings.  Now I have to reset all printer settings to print to the GIS_LJM750 again and If I go back the Layout 24x36 I have reset all printer settings again to the PWXL4500.  Can the printer setting be saved with each layout so we don't have to constantly set up printers each time we switch between layouts?

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Good idea Jake!

Quick question though... are these layouts in one project?


Yes!  So many times I come back to a project years later and don't remember what print size was used.   


@ABishop  Yes the layouts are in a single project.  So, if I close the project and go to another project, it would persist with correct settings switching layouts and projects.



Possibly.  Its worth at test.  I am thinking that since you have all these layouts in one .aprx, you are confusing your print driver. LOL