Spatial limit for labels

10-31-2017 02:14 PM
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Imagine that I have a site with many features, and all of them are labeled. However, I would like to keep a group (say, 50 items, somewhere in the middle of the site) unlabeled. Currently I can exclude the labels by writing a text query in the labeling properties. How about setting a simple polygon boundary that will exclude those inside it from being labeled? Or only inside it being labeled?

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So this might be a little bit like‌ but with labels.


Somewhat, yes. There could be different scenarios: another feature class, graphics element, just a series of mouse clicks, etc. Here is the real life example: I have many dispersed labeled points in my data frame. However, in one part of the map there are too many clustered points. I don't want them labeled, instead I show them in another ("extented") data frame.

Thank you!

It's good to know that ESRI is monitoring our ideas!


Thanks for the screenshot with your use case.  I know that you mentioned you already use a text query to handle this... just another quick thought since seeing your map - if you had a field in your data called Class, basically a field to flag whether you want to label a feature or not, and have that default to 1 meaning, yes, label this.  Set up two label classes, 0 and 1, and display label class 1, and don't display label class 0.  When you are looking at an extent of your map like that you shared, you could quickly select that cluster, edit the Class to = 0.  Then those labels won't display.

Again, just sharing a bit of a workaround based on what you shared.  Maybe you're method is already better than that.



a workaround for this would be to block out the labels on the main map using a polygon with no colour.

to do this:

add a graphics layer to the map

add a polygon to the map graphics layer matching the extent (do this through activating the map on the layout to make it easier)

set it with no colour so it doesn't show

set the label weight for the graphics layer to high so labels don't place on top of it in the main map

set the visibility range for the graphics layer so it doesn't display at the scale your inset map is at (otherwise you won't have labels in the inset map)



@WendyHarrison, thanks! Yes, I know this trick. However, it only works well with the rectangular areas. A more complicated shape would still be treated as a rectangular envelope.