Reverse geocoding - return all addresses in an area

10-16-2015 08:04 AM
Status: Open
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The "reverse geocode tool" currently only returns the same number of addresses thare are present in the input dataset (it finds the closest address to a point). What would be useful for many applications (for instance in marketing, retail, etc, etc) is the function of being able to return ALL addresses within an area. This would be particularly useful combined with the World geocoder (online)
- Based on one or several input point(s) - return all addresses within 1km.
- Return all addresses within a polygon (or buffer or service area)

This functionality would be useful in both Desktop and Online.
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GIS Support Thanks for submitting this idea.  I see this was created years ago and ESRI still doesn't seem to have this functionality available for the geocode service at the REST endpoint.  Did you find a workaround for this? 




This could be an expensive function both computationally and financially, if using Online.  What is coming is a new version of address inspector. You could create a script tool that reverse geocoded points on a grid.


I'm not using online, I'm trying to accomplish this at the REST endpoint using a geocode service or geoprocessing service.  Did you find an alternative for this?