Reveal line direction with keyboard shortcut

07-13-2012 06:54 AM
Status: Open
Occasional Contributor
Currently if I want to show the direction of a line feature I have two choices:
  • Set up symbology for the layer with an arrow decoration on a cartographic symbol
  • Start editing the feature class and then the particular feature to show the edit sketch
Both options are a lot of work if I just quickly want to check one feature, and I'm not going to be reviewing a lot of features. The second option isn't even available to me if I want to see the line direction of a featuer in a feature class that I don't have privileges to edit.

I would like to be able to hove over a feature and hit a keyboard shortcut (like "L" or ">") to have an arrowhead temporarily show the feature direction, kind of like using "V" to show feature vertices (except that option is only available during editing). Or if a keyboard shortcut has implementation problems, how about adding a tool like the Identify tool?
This is a great idea, I find that symbolizing a layer with an arrow decoration can really slow down the display if reviewing the dataset at full extent. so to be able to quickly flash up an arrow direction would be very helpful indeed.
This would be very helpful to me as an addressor correcting the geometry and ranging of roads.
How about being able to change the direction of the line as well?
I like the idea, but like eklhmn01, I also want to be able to change direction easily.

How about a button that changes direction for all the selected lines?
You can use the flip line geoprocessing tool to flip the direction of the lines, the tool will work on selected records as well.
Thanks for making this suggestion! Back in the ArcINFO days you used to be able to draw arc arrows as a drawing environment. It was great. It will be wonderful when we have something as easily accessible as that old functionality, implemented again. pretty please.
This would is an excellent idea, and I would also like to see toolbar functionality implemented for viewing and changing line direction.  I've implemented our addessing system based off of vector route measurement, so it would be great to quickly view this instead of starting an edit session or changing symbology