Requesting a Sub-Subtype Option

08-10-2010 10:56 AM
Status: Open
New Contributor III
Controlling data can be challenging.  As an electric utility I have alot of requirements on data.  An example would be street lights.  I have 100+ options for lights and about 10 fields that need controlling, however, I have no desire to create 100+ subtypes since this would be tough to manage.  Current we have only two subtypes in order to symbolize upon.  As a way of controlling the large amount of optional data we propose a 'sub-subtype' or 'classifcation' (a second tier of data control).  This way I can establish a series of classifications that control fields for each subtype without overwhelming the display and query functions that could occur with having too many subytpes.
Topology can use subtypes. If one feature class had multiple subtypes, I could define topology rules much, much more conveniently.

I vote for this feature thousand times 🙂
You should be able to do that with Domains.  You can create your base subtype and then for a particular attribute you can assign a domain to only one or more attributes in different subtypes.

I think sub subtypes would get in the way of templates.  And if you added a new domained attribute to your feature you would have to visit ever single iteration possible and manually set the domian for each subtype.

Perhaps you could share you 100+ options and someone may be able to suggest a better way to do it.