Relationships - Relate multiple features to single table record using "Add Selected"

06-12-2013 08:37 AM
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Currently (at v10.1) it is not possible for an editor to related multiple selected features to a single table record without having to drill-down to each feature in the attribute editor and then choose 'Add Selected'. This is not efficient where a large number of features are required to be related to a single table record. 

For example, a single owner owns multiple (hundreds of) land parcels - so the editor needs to relate these by selecting the record in the OWNER table and selecting the land parcels on the map (in the LANDPARCEL feature class). The editor currently has to go to each feature in the attribute editor drill-down to the related table, right-click and choose 'Add Selected'. 

It would be much better (and I was expecting this function to exist already) if the editor could either:

1) Right-click on the selected table record, choose the related feature class and then choose 'Add Selected' to relate any selected feature on the map to the currently selected table record.


2)  Select a record in the table, then in the attribute editor select multiple features, right-click and choose 'Add Selected'

Without customisation there currently appears to be no way to acheive this efficiently from an editor perspective. It is surely a relatively simple change, as the underlying relationship model already exists.

Indeed, I am running into the same issue. I am relating publication study sites to Public Land Survey System quarter-sections, and so a publication site may span hundreds of quarter-sections; relating each and every individual item is tedious, and may be completely infeasible at certain scales. Have you realized any workarounds for this problem yet?


Yep, same problem here. It is remarkable that this functionality is not available out of the box. I have hundreds, sometimes thousands, of features that I need to relate to a row in an aspatial table, but I have to do the same edit operation one at a time for each feature. Esri has put so much work into the implementation of relationship classes, and yet we don't have the tools to efficiently edit them. Please post some information on here if a solution is found.



I had a look and I can't find a geoprocessing too or anything that will do this.  You can select a contiguous set of lines (route), then ctrl-click buttons in the feature attributes box to get to (and select) the related class field for all of them, but then you can't assign a value en bloc to the selection.

As originally posted, you must literally right-click then 'Add Selected' for Each. And. Every. Feature. One. At. A. Time.

Esri's work flow for this process is not efficient. This is fine for two or three items, but in our business datasets, this could be hundreds or even thousands of features.

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