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Real-time table sync (no-code)

05-13-2022 02:33 PM
Status: Open
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I have scenarios where I need a real-time copy of a FC in the same GDB.

For example, I have an Oracle ST_GEOMETRY FC. I have a requirement where I need to store a real-time copy of that FC where the SHAPE is SDO_GEOMETRY, not ST_GEOMETRY.
It would help if there were an OOTB mechanism that could sync the master ST_GEOMETRY FC to the copy SDO_GEOMETRY FC in real-time.

I'm aware that there are ways to do that with custom code, such as calculation attribute rules. Attribute rules would work, but I'm reluctant to add custom code to dozens of FCs — since my system already has numerous complex attribute rules and other customizations. I would prefer to keep things simple and use OOTB/no-code functionality instead.

I also want to avoid customizing the db. That would involve painstaking project requests with the DBA team — not a realistic option. There are other difficulties too, such as versioning and using SQL to convert between spatial datatypes.

Could Esri consider giving us a no-code option for syncing a table in real-time within the same GDB?

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