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Re-order display filters in ArcGIS Pro 2.5

06-26-2020 12:22 PM
Status: Open
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I recently discovered Display Filters in ArcGIS Pro, with which you can apply filters to different map scales for a layer.  When you use the [+ Add Display Filter] button, to add a new display filter to your list of filters, there is no mechanism to move it up or down in the list. It seems to add it to the smallest end of the map scales, and you can only Add/Delete to get it in the scale range you want.


Hi Kevin.  Thanks for submitting this idea.  If we look at Use display filters—ArcGIS Pro | Documentation we see

"Display filters are organized within the layer by scale range. They are mutually exclusive and continuous: the scale ranges of display filters cannot overlap, and there cannot be scale gaps between them."

I guess if there were the ability to drag a scale range up and down to re-order it, it could still be possible to ensure that all ranges are mutually exclusive and continuous, but it may be hard to visualize.

Can you provide more details about why you need to re-order scale ranges?


Hi Kory, so let's say you have a buildings polygon layer and you create a set of display filters based on Shape_Area.  Area > 100, Area > 250, Area > 500, Area > 1000, Area > 2000, and their applicable scale ranges decrease accordingly.

You then decide you need an additional filter where Area > 350.  You add another filter and it goes to the bottom of the list after Area > 2000.  How do you get it between 250 and 500? 

I can see that maybe if I could edit the scale range manually, then Pro would shift the row to the right position, but that is not how it works.


Thanks for the good use case, Kevin!  I guess you would have to shift your expressions down.  Not too hard in this case, but could be more tedious (and would probably want to save and re-load) for more complex expressions.  

What about if you established your scale ranges, and could add another if you needed, but then the re-ordering were on the expressions, thus leaving the continuity of the scale ranges intact and in a logical order visually - would that still offer the flexibility you envision?