Provide option to lock geometry while editing attribute table

04-01-2010 07:09 AM
Status: Open
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How many times has a user selected a number of records to edit the attributes and inadvertently moved the geometry.  Depending on the experience level of the editer they may or may not undo the changes.  Damage can be enormous.  It would be great to be able to select records from a feature table to edit and have the option to lock  geometry to prevent any changes when editing only attributes. Edit attributes only option.

Wouldn't that achieved with the sticky move tolerance?
Sticky move kind of works, but only for all the features.  I would like to ability to turn off geometry editing on Layer A, B, & C, but allow it for only Layer D.

ArcMap could provide complex locking possibilities for each Layer and Group in TOC like Adobe Photoshop does (partial and full locking e.g. overall layer editing lock, table/geometry editing lock, lock current layer selection to preserve selected features in layer till unlocked etc.).

In ArcPro (the layer fields design window), the user can control the editability of the attributes for a layer. One of the fields exposed in that form is the SHAPE which holds the geometry for that record. If that field is marked as read only, the ability move, rotate or scale the selected feature should be disabled.


This or some other method of disabling spatial edits on a given layer while still preserving a users ability to edit some or all of the attributes would be extremely helpful.