Preserve export settings for a Pro Layout

05-17-2022 08:19 AM
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I feel it would be helpful for a Pro Project to have an option to preserve export Settings

1.   Example: I have a project for exporting maps for One Call for locating buried assets.

I only ever export the pdf maps to a single folder on a network drive.

However, Pro always defaults to the last folder exported to, even from a different project.

2.   Save the other settings in the dialog.  

Example Export Georeference information. That can dramatically increase the size of the pdf and for the purpose of our One Call locates is an unnecessary function. 

3.  Add a separate line for file name.  Many other tools have an entry for location and a different one for file name.


Add to the third request the ability to add a name template.

Example, for the Tickets for Locates I pre-fix each PDF with   Ticket  followed by Ticket Number


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Hi @RobertBorchert Thank you for submitting these ideas. It looks like there are at least three, possibly a fourth with your latest comment, ideas rolled into one. See the idea submission guidelines One Submission = One Idea This is an important practice to follow so that we understand the specific request and what is important to the other community members voting on the idea. Do they all want #1, or 2, or all of them? 

For your item #1, see this existing idea which is Under Consideration It sounds like that is what you are requesting - please add your kudos there.

For #2, Export Presets are coming in ArcGIS Pro 3.0, so I don't think there is anything else to do other than look forward to the release of 3.0 in June. See Get Ready for ArcGIS Pro 3.0

For #3, that could be submitted as a new, distinct idea. Though I would note that we have been asked before for more consistency in output location + filename conventions (see and with the new tools Drew mentions in that thread, we're moving away from a separate location + separate filename. Again, feel free to submit an idea for this, but I wanted to point out the request for output naming consistency we've received in the past.

Perhaps with export presets and an eventual improvement in #1 above, the primary pain points would be eased?


glad to hear some of those changes are already coming. 


thanks for letting  us know