Predefined center point to rotate polylines and polygones in ArcGIS Pro

04-08-2024 05:38 AM
Status: Open
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Our customer is managing Electricity transport over high tension lines in Belgium and Western-Europe. The designers team is a team of several tens of people.

They need the possibility to easily rotate the high tension tower templates on the map, using a predefined center point instead of the default center point defined by ArcGIS Pro.

Several high tension towers have an asymmetric profile, like the ones illustrated below.


Rotation of the tower should be done around the point that is the physical center of the tower. This is the red point in the middle of the purple square, representing the four tower feet standing on the ground.    


Using rotation tool in ArcGIS Pro, rotation is done around the center point of the extent (yellow point). This does not provide the desired result.


It is possible to grab the yellow point in ArcGIS Pro in order to move this point and start a rotation around another point.


However, we would like to define this yellow point by default on the right place of the object (in the template, being a polyline or a polygon), in order to be sure that the end user will always rotate around the correct center point.