Point data symbology

08-16-2012 10:52 PM
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I would like to be able to edit the symbology of point data by creating a hollow circle with a dashed outline. 

With ArcGIS Desktop software you can only create a dashed outline for polygons or lines, but not for points.

Currently you can select to use an outline for a circle simple marker symbol for point data that is only variable in colour and size but there is no functionality to vary the outline in terms of being dashed or the like.

It would be ideal to have options to edit the outline of a circle simple marker symbol the same way you can edit the outline of a polygon or line.
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One workaround I've found for this has been making the point itself a 1 pt simple marker that is colored to blend in with the map, then adding a very large mask to create the dashed outline. The mask has a No Color fill and is edited to make the outline into a hash line symbol or marker line symbol to get the desired dashed/dotted circle. While this might be more complicated than just making an image of a dashed circle with a transparent background to use as a picture marker, it does scale so that the distance between dashes/dots is consistent at different sizes, if that's something you need.