Pause only the data frame in layout view

06-18-2010 11:36 AM
Status: Already Offered
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Pause the data frame in layout view while maintaining the layout frame and associate elements. Pausing the data while still interacting with the legend, other data frames, graphics, etc 
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This is already available. On the far right side of the layout toolbar is a button that puts you in draft mode. This turns all objects into rectangular frames that you can interact with without haveing to draw over and over. If you go the an layout objects properties you can change it so that it will show up normal in draft mode letting you see the legend and such as you will on the map while the data frame stays in draft. You dont even have to leave draft mode to export, the map will draw to file normally even though it is displayed as draft.
clm42, that's true, but toggling it off and on requires having to go back into the object properties and unchecking that box so you can see the object. Just a simple data pause button while leaving the layout elements on is more of what i was thinking. But going into draft mode is a valid work around. 

The features of the Pause button is best utilized, when there are many labels or annotations that are been used, then it is  recommended to pause the information. This prevents from the Map to refresh and thus save the processing time.

Status changed to: Already Offered

This is available in ArcGIS Pro.