Panoramio Photos layer for ArcGIS

08-20-2011 12:57 PM
Status: Open
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It would be better  if ESRI can allow to add panoramio photos (Currently over 50 million photos, which is really impressive) as a layer inside the ArcMap so that we can know the locations in a better way. In my openion that gives a better perspective of a place. I am aware that this is avaialble in ArcGIS Explorer but it would be nicer if it is implemented in ArcGIS otherwise need to switch back and forth from Google Earth or ArcGIS explorer. Futher if it is available can also make use of it in the map as well. I saw a similar thread via has been implented I shall be thankful if this is implemented in ArcGIS. 
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Plz think about it.
It will really helpful.