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Pane Management in Pro

03-05-2020 12:05 PM
Status: Open
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Maybe this is just me, but ...

I tend to keep several panes active in Pro, but on auto-hide at the side of the map, but I find the way that the panes operate can be annoying.  As different panes open when I start tools, symbology, etc., the clutter of little side tabs gets crazy and I want to close some panes altogether.  Some tabs don't auto-hide, so I have to deliberately close them.  


Early on with Pro, you could use the Escape key to hide a pane that had remained open, like in ArcMap, but that disappeared at some point.  Now I have to find the side tab for the pane and click it to rehide the pane. But where the right one in this clutter?  Having the tabs in default alphabetical order would help me find a tab faster. And do something to highlight the active/open tab, maybe a color.  And maybe right-click on the tab or pane title to hide it.


One more gripe.  When a hidden pane is opened, the top of it covers the window tabs across the top (maps, layouts, etc.)  The open pane needs to be lowered just enough to keep the top tabs visible.


Currently using 2.4.2.


Jill Halchin
Southeast Archeological Center
National Park Service