No need to restart ArcMap after connection to rdbms is lost

06-01-2014 11:59 PM
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I wonder why it's still a problem. Every time I:
- lose wifi connection
- disconnect ethernet cord, let's say by accident
- move my laptop from my workplace, to client, home etc. without shutting my Windows down (i.e. hibernate, it's pretty common)
- other cases of temporary lost connection

... I need to shut the ArcMap down and restart it. Connection is lost and connection cannot be made again without it. I'm aware that there might be some database reasons to do it this way but I believe there is some mechanism to develop to avoid such behavior. Database clients are able to reconnect to database, right?
In fact if you go to the catalog window and to try to change the properties of the .sde connection, ArcMap will hang and require a process kill from the task manager...

Very disappointing!  Almost two years and only 8 up votes...  Anyone have a workaround (ver. 10.2.1) to avoid having to restart ArcMap?