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New map layer on top, not bottom of legend items

08-22-2023 03:01 AM
Status: Open
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When I add a new map layer, I would like it to be added on top of the legend items in my layout(s), not at the bottom as is the default now. It would also help if this could be changed in settings. 


What is the geometry of the layer you're adding? Polygons are added underneath lines and lines are added underneath points. But note that if you want to add a layer in a specific drawing order, you can drag and drop it into the Contents pane right at top.

I have not explained this properly, it seems. My suggestion has nothing to do with the contents pane, but with legend items in a layout. When adding a new layer in a map, wherever in the contents pane, it is automatically added at the bottom of the layouts legend item too. I would in almost all cases want it added to the top.

This might be a work around but not automatic.

Have the Map and Layout views of interest active.

Turn off New layer for the Legend Element


Add the new layer to the Map --> drag it from the Map's Contents pane and hover over the Layout tab to open the Layout view --> drop the layer onto the Legend element (there should be a small grey rectangle by the pointer when over the target). Layers are always added to the top of the Legend in my tests, regardless of feature type or position in the Map Contents pane. You can of course manage the order in the Layout's Legend group layer.


This would work, and a little easier than moving automatically added items at the bottom to the top when there are many layer items. But it also introduces the possibility of forgetting to add items to the legend. I still think it would be better if new items where automatically added to the top and not the bottom of layer items. I can not see why adding to the bottom as default was chosen in the first place, as I and surely most other people build a map from the top/background and up.